Lydia in Fields of Corn

Today I was looking through some photos and reminiscing about some of my favorite shoots. This one is from fall, Lydia and I, a friend from high school, decided to do a photo shoot in some corn fields. They are some of my favorites!


Katelyn and Warren

Katelyn and Warren are some lovely friends of mine. I have known them both for about 3ish years or so! After a romantically long time of being deeply "in like" which quickly blossomed to "in love", they flew me down to take pictures documenting their wedding in beautiful Buda Texas (pronounced "b-YOU-dah", not Budah") Texas :) Enjoy!


Ryan & Emily Engaged

I met Ryan and Emily through a good friend. Upon meeting them, I could tell that they have something very special. They have so much fun together in everything they do, and Ryan adores his girl's sense of humor :) That delighted smile never left his face through the entire shoot :) The "E" is for Ells, their soon-to-be last name.