Senior Pictures- Libby

This is my beautiful cousin Libby. I was so honored to do a quick senior picture shoot with her. She has the more stunning eyes and we found a beautiful vine wall- beauty :) It was getting dark so fast, so we had to get creative to make the use of those last moments of sun.


So in Love

I was honored to shoot this lovely couple at the farm too. They brought out the red Ford Mustang for the occasion to shoot some pics for their anniversary! These two so evidently love and esteem each other- it was an honor to meet them! This man still treats his wife like a bride- still opens the car door for her- *sigh :)

Family on the Farm

Yesterday my best friend and I trekked out to a little town past Chisago, MN to shoot this wonderful family. My friend has been nannying for them and we figured pics on the farm would be the perfect way to capture their personalities. We had so much fun finding fun things to climb on and new ways to get everybody to look in the same direction at once :)


Hey Baby, I think I wanna marry you

That's the song I had stuck in my head all yesterday. My very close friend, Emily, got hitched to the man of her dreams! Em had asked me to take a few pics of her getting ready before her photographer showed up in the afternoon. I was such a wonderful day and a beautiful wedding. Em made every moment special for all of us bridesmaids while writing her vows in between eating, and having hair and makeup done. The hair salon had the most awesome chandeliers I have ever seen! Restoration Hardware everybody... check them out!


One thing I LOVE about Canada

The one thing? Well there's many. But let's start out with the AWESOME walking/biking trails around here. It is stunning at sunset! The fields are covered in beautiful golden ragweed and I have been begging Dave to talk me on a walk- before the sun sets :) So we did! I miss Caribou's Hot Apple Blasts so much, but Starbucks came out with an apple cidery drink that suffices. One thing I love about nature shoots is how the lighting in each area changes- like from field to woods. This changes the colors and tones of each photo. So fun! I CAN'T wait for fall to turn all of those Maples trees into fiery torches :)
Thank you, dear husband for letting me obnoxiously position you into awkward photo positions :) You're the best!