Micah & Priya Engaged

Micah and Priya are made for each other. I have known Priya since high school and of course the topic of boys came up on occasion :) We both despaired of ever finding The One. But God brought Micah to Priya. It was so easy to see that they are perfect together. They will honor each other and love each other so well! Before I start to get too emotional, I wanted to make a note: usually I keep my photos on a lighter scale, but with Priya's beautiful Indian skin and outfit, I wanted to bring out the gemstone tones. I am so excited to do their wedding in like a week and a half!!! Yet again, too many to choose from- here's what I picked.


McKenzie & Her Baby Bump

McKenzie and Jeff are almost there! Their first little one, a boy, is due in July! I am so excited for them! We the opportunity to do this fun shoot as the sun was setting. We focused on the baby, but also McKenzie's radiant joy at being an expectant mother. It was a perfect evening!


Debbie's Bridal Shower

My best friend is getting married and I have the honor of being her matron of honor. This was at the WMPL house, the missions agency Debbie's family went through when they were missionaries to Ecuador. All the gals had a fun time hanging out, eating, playing sweet bridal games, and asking the question, "Hi, so how do you know Debbie?" It was so fun to connect to the others who were there and see all the people who have played a role in her life either through WMPL or her dad's church, Grace. Not to mention the bride-to-be's sister-in-law flew in for the day from Chicago just to attend this special event :) This is a fast, collage-ish style of the goings-ons.


"I put my new shoes on and suddenly...."

Soooo I got a new camera :) And I love it :) So, while my husband and I were visiting some friends, I decided to go crazy taking photos of everything. Needless to say, me and my new camera (Edward) are getting along well with each other. You will notice my indoor photos, I have a dream of someday becoming a lifestyle photographer of beautifully designed rooms :) Martha Stewart type stuff. Sigh....