The Stephenson Girls

Today was such privilege- I got to shoot family! And they are pretty good-looking too! These are my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law. Kelly is going off to college, so we decided it would be an awesome idea to capture a few memories before she left. This shoot was so much fun- and a hoot! These three are hilarious together!


Watching the Sun Set

Experimenting with the lighting change of twilight. It's been a rare week to get to experiment with sunrise and sunset. I am working on playing with shooting things and places as well as people. The white flowers you see are called Queen Anne's Lace and I'm kind of obsessed with them if you can't tell :)


Watching the Sun Rise

My dear sisters-in-law took me to Lake Ontario to watch the sunrise. Then off to hammocking. It was the perfect morning! Not to mention Tim Hortons in between!