Photojournal of Domican Repbulic

Over Christmas Dave  I had the pleasure of staying with my in-laws in their Dominican home with the family. Of course I was so excited to document what I saw. We spent some time tanning and some time meeting friends of the family in different villages. All of the pictures taken of Dominican are of friends of my in-laws with their consent. I loved the chance to brush up on my Spanish and meet other brothers and sisters in Christ. Also, I LOVE the jungle, so every chance I had my lens was pointed at something green- I needed something to tide me over in the harsh northern winter I returned to. Needless to say, it was an awesome trip!


Rainy Day

Today is just one picture, simple but profound. Here in the Toronto area, there hasn't been any snow, but tons of rain. This is dedicated to those dark, foggy days I view from my window. It is so beautiful in it's own way, but I am ready for snow :)