The Author

Todd Johnson is a fiction author about to come out with his first novel! Todd is a lawyer in the Twin Cities and his first literary piece is on his most fascinating case- believe me; it sounds good! I wish I had mysteries like that to deal with everyday! The book is called "The Deposit Check". Watch for it on Amazon!! It is worth the read! Anyway, I was honored to be chosen to do his portraits! We went for a mix of classy, casual, and somewhat artistic, you know, just to liven it up :)


Trash That Dress!!!

Debbie just got married a few weeks ago! Mrs. Brunn rocked that dress... and now it's time to trash that dress. For those of you new to this concept, MY take on it is to be able to take artistic photos otherwise impossible on or before the wedding :) So, we experimented and went where the wind blew. One thing I love about a photoshoot like this- you can never predict what you will do! I love it!!! *** NO ONE PANIC! No dresses were harmed in the making of these photos. Thank you Debbie for being willing to do some crazy stuff!!!


Ryan & Noelle Peters

The Great Paradox of Love: The Cigar and the Tea Cup. Love in the modern era is a dainty mix of fun and serious. I would like to write a book. But in the mean time you can just look at these pictures! Ryan and Noelle are full of surprises- as shown by their life of adventure :)