Landon's 1st Year

I had the honor to photograph this miniature gentleman's 1 year portraits. It was a blast working with his family to make him laugh- sometimes dancing, singing, animal noises, and much, much more :) He has the best faces- even when he's pouting, haha! Check out his messy hair picture- it's one of my favs :)


Winter Cabin

Hey guys! It's been way too long, I apologize. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite places- it is The Wilderness Fellowship prayer cabins. Honestly- gorgeous, secluded, comfy, and an amazing place to get away and meet with God. I have been so many times, but this time I had to bring the camera :) And my favorite thing ever happened- A HUGE SNOW STORM. I am so Norwegian, hehe!

And there were animals. I kept trying to make conversation, but they only speak French, so it got kind of awkward. They just stared. And so did I. The cow won.

Only smart cow.

Daddy :)