Filming Day- Bethany

With a bit of spare time, a willing model, and a beautiful location, a purse, and of course a camera, Bethany and I had the makings of a wonderful time-passing shoot!


The Marcellus Family

Nothing's funner than a family photo swap!!! That's what Natasha and I decided to do! We decided to hone our skills together, using our families as the subjects. We both got family photos out of the deal! We climbed over muddy slopes and braved the heat. It was a great time to experiment and play around with angles.


Nature Therapy

So it was one of those beautiful, silly, crazy my-life-just-changed-again-yesterday kinda days. Been having a lot of those- God is good! So, I responded to this by going on autopilot- finding someone to stick in front of my camera :)  Anna was with me and she loves to go on nature walks with me. It was soooo therapudic and one of the most beautiful, wonderful friends in the world :) Also, I hardly use my watermark and decided it was about time!

Usually I am not a huge fan of bees. Neither is Anna. Thankfully we were not assaulted :)