Priya & Micah Wedding

The day had finally arrived for Micah and Priya! Wedding Day! It was a very emotionally moving service with sooo much laughter and fun! Priya was one of the most beautiful brides I have EVER SEEN! And when Priya saw her man for the first time walking in the doors to the ceremony, her face said it all for Micah. Enraptured. The ceremony was centered on redemption and the goodness of God. The resounding theme was that LOVE WINS. And then we danced the night away :) And Priya truly was the dancing queen. Everything was perfect- the bride, the groom, the food :), the dancing, the emotion. I must have taken like 2,000 pics, I had such a blast! Gosh, I sure enjoy shooting weddings! Gimme another! 

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  1. I loved working with Priya & crew - So fun to see the "final look" - Absolutely Beautiful!!! I can't seem to get " Eye of the Tiger" out of my head though, haha!
    Best wishes, Kira McCarty