Photojournal of Domican Repbulic

Over Christmas Dave  I had the pleasure of staying with my in-laws in their Dominican home with the family. Of course I was so excited to document what I saw. We spent some time tanning and some time meeting friends of the family in different villages. All of the pictures taken of Dominican are of friends of my in-laws with their consent. I loved the chance to brush up on my Spanish and meet other brothers and sisters in Christ. Also, I LOVE the jungle, so every chance I had my lens was pointed at something green- I needed something to tide me over in the harsh northern winter I returned to. Needless to say, it was an awesome trip!


  1. Emily! You are a rockstar with a camera! Definitely looks like you were in your element. What a beautiful trip. What a special experience. Miss you and your hubs!

  2. Thanks Noelle! I was! I wanted to take the whole jungle home with me! We miss you too! I think of you all the time because I go on pinterest a ton for home ideas. So glad to get your newsletters- I hope God will bring us together soon!