A Few of My Favorite Things

Lately I have been trying to just capture things in everyday life, and sometimes that can be hard because bringing a huge camera with you everywhere is just not always practical :) But here are some of my favorite everyday pics I've recently taken. My life has been moving so fast, working on getting a work visa in Canada, so here is my little visual journal. This has a little taste of everything- beating the summer heat, barbecuing in Minneapolis, random things around my home, Rib Fest for Woodbridge, Ontario Canada with my family. I seriously have an awesome life!

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  1. Emily!! as always, these are beautiful. I love the BW pics of Dave : )

    Also, the greeeen picture of those fun flower/plant things....could I get a a print of that maybe?? If I send you some $$$ and a nice little note to you in Canada? : )