One thing I LOVE about Canada

The one thing? Well there's many. But let's start out with the AWESOME walking/biking trails around here. It is stunning at sunset! The fields are covered in beautiful golden ragweed and I have been begging Dave to talk me on a walk- before the sun sets :) So we did! I miss Caribou's Hot Apple Blasts so much, but Starbucks came out with an apple cidery drink that suffices. One thing I love about nature shoots is how the lighting in each area changes- like from field to woods. This changes the colors and tones of each photo. So fun! I CAN'T wait for fall to turn all of those Maples trees into fiery torches :)
Thank you, dear husband for letting me obnoxiously position you into awkward photo positions :) You're the best!

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  1. Absolutely stunning photos, Emily!