Puddles 'n Things

I keep telling myself it has to happen soon. Spring. It's been a while since my last post, and the sunshine here on Family Day (Canada's newest holiday) made me and Dave crave a walk. I love the hues you see in the early spring- brown highlighted with bright greens. Also, there is something to the dim light and early sunset. It's stunning. Any excuse to get out there and shoot! Shoot cameras, not people.


  1. Happy Family Day, Emily and Dave! It caught me by surprise here on the west coast in Sidney. I tried to make a phone call and the business was closed for the "holiday"! So I had to think hard...
    Hope all is going well - we think and pray for you both!
    Stephen & Mary-Ann

  2. And to you too! :) I like that Canada is still inventing holidays. Things are going well :) Praying for you guys too! Hope our paths will cross someday soon!

  3. Dave is so handsome! And you are so talented! Love your eye for things :)