Candy Concert

I really debated whether to do this post, just because it was a small function. But honestly; there were just too many unforgettable moments- there are some serious gems in here that I just HAD to share.
The Candy Concert was a Holloween alternative put on by my church in Vaughan, Ontario. I was asked to make a flyer (since I am also a graphic designer) and be the photographer. SO glad I did this! It was such a fun night! A band, bouncy castle, happy children, and (of course) SILLY STRING!!

So this was the flyer- it was such a fun project, Disney was the inspiration :)

Best. Smile. Ever.
As you can guess, this was a slightly illegal use of the silly string. The whole time, I was yelling, "Get him in the face!" It was too great of a photo-op to pass up.


  1. em, that flyer is too cool!! you're so talented!

  2. Thanks friend! I am learning more everyday!